Evan Johnson, MathCON Chicago finalist

by Drew Johnson

Every year, top-scorers on the MathCON test meet in Chicago to take the written test for the title of Mathcon Champion. This year sixth grader Evan Johnson qualified to go to the finals in Chicago on April 22. Johnson is the first student from PCM to make it to the final round of competition and is excited for the experiences ahead of him.unnamed-6.jpg

“I can’t wait for the new things I’ll learn and the experiences I will have in Chicago,” Johnson said.

His ELP teacher Brian Adams played a large role in Evan’s educational growth, helping him reach his potential in Algebra as only a sixth grader.

“I am very proud of Evan for making it this far in the competition. There were 49,685 contestants nationally and only 576 are going to be participating in the final round. I wish him only the best in the championships, and hope that everyone else here at PCM Middle School and throughout the entire community will join me congratulating him on this awesome accomplishment,” Adams said.

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